Know where you stand with QCheck, the electronic and manual verification solution from QGen. Fast and reliable, it offers alternative ways of passing Know your Customer (KYC), slashing up to 40% fail rate of companies that focus solely on electronic checks right down to zero.

QCheck in a nutshell:

Electronic and Manual Verification

Combines both electronic and manual verification to ensure 100% match rates.

Commercial Process

This practical business solution can be employed to support the commercial process and smoothen your operation as part of your on-boarding process.

Screening and Ongoing Monitoring

Provides sanctions and PEPs initial screening and ongoing monitoring.

Adverse Media Monitoring

Enables you to monitor potential clients and partners for any toxic bad press they may trail in their wake – be it from social media, blogs or more traditional media sources.


Client Acquisition

The measures put into place by QCheck will ensure that your client acquisition levels are significantly boosted to double digits, as we contact each unique customer to ensure KYC process completion.


As with any high-quality automated solution, QCheck reduces all costs related to manpower by outsourcing the necessary operations, and QGen’s team ensures that these mechanisms are always kept up to date with the latest regulatory changes. You can count on us to provide competitive service level agreements (SLAs) and to furnish you with all the correct resources. Making good on our commitment to our clients, the investment in software systems and infrastructure is all done in-house by QGen.

Risk Mitigation

The inherent checks and balances ensure that your risk factor is mitigated considerably and regulatory compliance is maintained. QCheck also remains true to its name all the way by keeping tabs on clients at regular intervals, with an eye out for irregularities even when their status changes.


True to our mission to enable the smoothest and most secure experience for our clients, QGen guarantees total confidentiality and system security throughout every step of the process.

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