To facilitate initial and continuous, comprehensive Corporate Due Diligence and full AML checks on its customers, QGen provides QCorporate – the ultimate integrated service to assist in your customer on-boarding of corporate clients.

QCorporate channels QGen’s vast access to international data sets and company registry information to independently verify your potential clients and all related documentation.

QCorporate in a nutshell:

Identification and Verification

Provides company structure identification and verification.

Due Diligence

Confirms initial and ongoing due diligence.

Screening and Ongoing Monitoring

Provides sanctions and PEPs initial screening and ongoing monitoring.

Adverse Media Monitoring

Screens your prospective partners and/or corporate customers for any bad press with our adverse media monitoring solution.

White Label

Provides a white label service, for a seamless customer journey.


On-Boarding Rates

Ensures timely customer contact to ensure highest on-boarding rates.

BPO Functions

Offers bespoke BPO functions.


Daily monitoring to ensure full regulatory alignment and instant notification of any existing customers change in status.


Is streamlined to improve both front-office and customer experiences.

Reduces Costs

Reduces costs through outsourcing.

Competitive Pricing

Gives competitive pricing and SLAs.


Guarantees total confidentiality.

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