No document is out of bounds with QScan, a regulator approved method of verification for passports, driving licenses, ID cards and residential permits. The fully automated process verifies documents from over 200 countries in seconds, saving you time and money.

QScan analyses passports and other official documents to verify their validity. The positioning of photos, signatures, holograms and fingerprints are confirmed and the data on the document is analysed to ensure that dates and numbers are correct and within the designated range.

The technology will also identify whether the document has been recorded as lost, stolen or compromised by extracting data from the identity document and checking it against a database of stolen identities.

QScan in a nutshell:

ID Authentification

Identity documents are authenticated in seconds.

ID Verification

Verifies multiple identity document types originating from over 200 countries.


Saving Time and Money

The system is fully automated and regulator approved, meaning you save time and money, and receive reliable results. QScan can be used in conjunction with other services to ensure full adherence to international regulations.

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