QScreen fulfils your monitoring regulatory requirements and ensures you stay one step ahead of any suspicious entities or natural persons that could damage your business.

QScreen checks against three main data categories:

Global Sanctions & Watchlists:

This dynamic solution leaves no stone unturned in its efforts to guarantee that your operation is airtight when it comes to security. QScreen gives you a broad range of publicly-available sanction lists – including OFAC, UN, HMT, EU, DFAT, AML country specific watch lists, disqualified directors, and more – and updates them either daily, or even hourly.

On top of all that, QScreen goes through thousands of government, regulatory and law enforcement watch lists – from as high up as Interpol down to regional police force lists – to sniff out anything unpleasant that could be heading your way. QScreen will also provide probity and fitness of regional lists from a number of international quarters.

Politically Exposed Persons:

Keep yourself protected from PEPs with our extensive database, encompassing 190 countries and territories, and categorised into risk-levels that are fully compliant with Financial Action Task Force recommendations. This is further bolstered by a global media library with a clear focus on political exposure – gaining an even deeper insight that is bound to yield crucial information.

Bad Press:

Safeguarding both your security and reputation is a top priority at QGen, and with the QScreen solution we can offer you a thorough analysis of over 5 million media articles and blogs, analysed manually, and by machine-learning technology that operates continuously.

These three main categories build up to an impressive media library categorised by crime type, crime stage and risk level, with existing coverage in over 190 countries and counting. These can include a company or individual linked to a PEP, or those organisations that appear on any watchlists such as the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), or even the HMRC Financial Sanctions list.

This is all essential information to have on hand if you intend to do business globally. The facilities built into QScreen will allow you to determine the potential for the customer to commit money laundering, finance terrorism, or commit identity theft. But because different territories operate according to different legislation, a solution like QScreen will help you align the checks to the requirements of any particular jurisdiction.

And an example from the UK brings home just how important it is to have all and any forms of anti-money laundering mechanisms in place.

“It is estimated that £48 billion – or 2% of the UK GDP – is laundered through the UK each year.”Money Laundering Bulletin


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