QGEN Group has been named as ‘One to Watch’ in Europe in a list of business excellence published by the European Business Awards, one of the world’s largest and longest-running business competitions.  The company demonstrated exceptional performance in the past 12 months and above all reflects the programme’s core values of innovation, success and ethics.

Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards, said: “The companies chosen as ‘Ones to Watch’ are the most inspirational, successful and dynamic in Europe”, He continued: “The talent and tenacity at the heart of these businesses create jobs and drives Europe’s prosperity. This ‘Ones to Watch’ list of excellence is a benchmark of success for the rest of the European business community.”

QGEN Group, which employs 35 professionals in the RegTech and Financial sector, was listed in ‘The Inflexion European Entrepreneur of the Year Award’ category.

The St Julian’s based firm’s CEO, Damian Mifsud, stated that “Our vision is to always strive to make KYC and KYB seamless in business operations in order to achieve a frictionless anti-money laundering operation.  We heavily invest in technology and people to always keep abreast new tech advancements and the latest compliance and regulatory frameworks.  We are honoured to be listed with Europe’s elite, by one of the worlds’ most highly regarded business competitions’.

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About QGEN Group:

QGEN is a global player in the compliance space offering managed KYC and KYB services and AML advisory.  QGEN offers a truly global KYC solution, which includes both electronic and manual verification checks, and works with/for; Prepaid card providers, issuing and acquiring banks, insurance companies, real estate agents, iGaming companies, auditors, accountants, tax and financial advisors and more. Visit www.QGENGroup.com for more information.

About the European Business Awards: 

The European Business Awards is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious cross border, cross-sector business competitions. Its primary purpose is to support and develop a stronger, more successful, innovative and ethical business community in Europe, as it believes businesses play a key role in addressing major issues faced across the world.

August 2, 2019

QGen Group Ltd has been officially selected as one of the 2019 European Business Awards – ‘Ones to Watch’ for Malta.

QGEN Group has been named as ‘One to Watch’ in Europe in a list of business excellence published by the European Business Awards, one of the […]
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